Did Jesus really speak our language?

Our language is particularly contentious, scholars can’t even agree on what our language is called. And didn't Jesus speak Aramaic? We take a closer look at the links between our language and the language Jesus would have spoken.

A meeting of indigenous cultures on stage at Candelo

The 2015 Candelo Village Festival kicked off with a showcase entitled "Travelling Tunesmiths", where Azadoota joined legendary indigenous performer Frank Yamma, Canadian troubadour Scott Cook and French songstress Melanie Horsnell in a spontaneous on-stage collaboration.

An explanation of the Azadoota logo

Among the treasures unearthed at the palace of Tikulti Ninurta II was a particular wall plaque depicting the Assyrian god Ashur. See how it inspired us to create the Azadoota logos.